Hello world!

DSC_6421Welcome to My Style Paper!

On my way to work, I decided to write introduction for something I have never done before. Something new.

I’ve been reading other blogs for a years and finally decided to start my own. My name is Maija. I was born in Latvia, but 4 years ago I moved to a city that I fell in love with… London. I’ve been inspired by it’s architecture, culture, people, the fact that every day you can discover something new and that is incredible! I was also inspired by London’s street style, and how different people are.

This page is my journey in fashion and style world. It’s a journey where I want to develop my own style. I would like to talk about fashion, lifestyle different outfits, thing and people that inspire me. I would be so grateful if you would join me at this journey, because you’ll find it inspiring or just simply because you know me.


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